Minggu, 10 Maret 2013

St*pid Me


Assalamu Alaikuum...

Hi dear.. Hi blogger...

Long time no post, huh! I just wanna put a thing on ma blog. A thing that should be shared to, but better to be kept. (to be kept on this blog!).. Hhaaa hhaa..

   I suddenly remembered about that day. When someone was playing the guitar and I was singing. At that time we were singing Blablabla's song (secret). Hahahahaa .. Sounds pretty ridiculous. The song was not a song about us, not our favorite song and not our favorite Group Band. ~Floated away~ .. You stopped with your guitar and I stopped with my singing. Same with our story. Stop! And never heard again. But all I've recorded, in my mind and in my heart. You never realize how often I put myself in intentional situation but it looks as accidental. Childish. But here I am! Actually I'm expressing something but looks like not expressing anything. xixixixi (st*pid me)...

A simple old story suddenly crossed on ma mind...

And Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddd....

an illustration already created !!!

Don't GR. because it might not be you who I mean!
Hahahhahahaa :P

Okkaaayyy... I think that's all...


Minggu, 30 Desember 2012

My Kaleidoscope 2012


Assalamu Alaikuum!

I really can not wait to welcome the new year. Yeah, 2013 is almost here, guys! Have you prepared your best strategy to get through? I've thought about it! But, it's not time to talk about 2013. Still around 2012. hahahahaa

Okay, everything have been immortalized as a picture and arranged into a kaleidoscope 2012. it's about all I have done, my trip, my activities and things that I've got over 2012. It's not a show off activity! I just wanna remember every events that I have been through. I just wanna remeber "oh, I did it" and "oh, I didn't it" and "I got it and I haven't got it".. So, for all the things passed best even worst I just wanna say "Alhamdulillah". I got the best thing 'coz I deserve to get it and if i get the worst, it means God has another way to give my best. Just be grateful!

 Here it is my Kaleidoscope 2012!

~ in January '12 ~

Me and friends were a committee of IT FEST 2012. We organized many kinds of national competitions such as Robot Contest, Photography and many else.

~ in February '12 ~ 

Me and ma classmates on holiday to Tanjung Bira. We stayed two nights there. #ITFirstHolidayTogether

Still in February, the whole family of WS held a photo session! Yihhaaaaa..

~ in March '12 ~  

I spent time to swim with ma old sisters (plus niece).. (kak ika, tilla, kak tati and me)

Still in March, I went to Sheila On 7's concert at Athirah Islamic School.

~ in April '12 ~

Photo session and photo editing in ma young brother's room.

~ in May '12 ~  

I became a participant of Baksos WS team and this event was held in three places, they are Sinjai, Bulukumba and Bantaeng. #SocialVacation Hahahhaa

 ~ in June '12 ~ 

Our team leader's wedding month!!! Mangga's Djibenk.. Sorry for photo session without you, boss!

~ in July '12 ~  

Social vacation again! On vacation while visiting ma friends that KKN in Soppeng.

~ in August '12 ~

(030812) I have gone through the first step to becoming a ST !!! Alhamdulillah..

(140812) Finally, ST!!! Alhamdulillah waa syukurillah.. Proud of me!
~ in September '12 ~

My graduation at Baruga AP Pettarani, Hasanuddin University

Still in September, Coops reunion in Clarion Hotel!

~ in October '12 ~

Afgan and Raisa's concert at Liquid cafe of Clarion Hotel.

~ in November '12 ~

(011112) Happy birthday to me!!! Alhamdulillah, 22nd!!!

Still in November. Across the sea to Khayangan Island!

 ~ in December '12 ~

Uwwooouuww.. Lovely December with lovely classmates on vacation to Malino! #ITSecondHolidayTogether

Alhamdulillah, 2012 already passed well (last two days, 2013).. Thanks to all the participant of making ma life happy even sad. I'll be nothing without you, guys.

That's it my Kaleidoscope 2012!


Sabtu, 22 Desember 2012

Mother's Day


Assalamu Alaikuum

   How's your Saturday, guys? My Saturday is so cold, cloudy and sometimes rain. I think it's good. Better to accompanying me blogging. Hihihiii..

     Oups, yeah!!! Today's Mother's Day. Despite in fact "everyday is ma mother's day". Huwwoooooww.. A warm hug for ma beloved mom. Love you ma dearest, ma best and ma love. I love you everyday, I love you in ma every breath..

     I have some illustrations. Those are for ma beloved Mom , ma old sisters that already become a mother now, ma sisters in law and so do all mothers around the world! -someday I'll be like you! InsyaAllah, Amin-

Mother is she who can be like all others (father, best friend, sister and etc) but others can not be like her! -me-

 She's singing a lullaby song as melodious as she can.

The first one who teach us how to stand up straight and yell us "Cmon ma girl/boy, you can do it!"... The first one who teach us to say "ma..ma.." then we could call her clearly "mama!"..

 She take care of us from everything harmful. She's brave and strong! Yeah, She's our HERO!

Someone who can understand everything even you don't say it! She never judge every-wrong-thing on you. She advice you like she's your sister and your friend.

Mother is our biggest fan! I can't describe how big is your love for me, mom. How can I not love you as much as I can! Even it hard, I'll try ma best to make you happy.. You've given me many things, mom... Tenkyuuuuu ma SUPER MOM!!!

Love your mother as she loves you!

I think that's all.


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