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Ummul Mukminin Boarding School

Assalamu Alaikum, bloggers..
Alhamdulillah, I still have a chance to post on my blog, share to you, tell you about my Live Story. hehee
Okkaayy, Lets to the point..
You've just read the tittle, Ummul Mukminin Boardng School..
Yupz, boarding school. I've ever live there several times ago. I was continue my junior high school over there at that time. But, I wasn't over there until senior high school 'coz I move to SMPN 1 Makassar when I was on third level of junior high school. So, I was at Ummul Mukminin Boarding School for 2 years. and I can't forget all of my memories and my experience and everything about Ummul on my mind. I love that place !!! I really LOVE it. I wanna cry to remember my beloved boarding school.
In the last semester of my 2nd level in junior high school I got Fever-Blood (Demam Berdarah). It was almost kill me. Ouuggh, I hate that disease !!! At that time my thrombocyte decreased dramatically. Spontaneously my mom and all of my family panic !!! ckckckckk.. after all the family discussions, finally took the decision to transfer the values of my report card from Ummul Mukminin boarding school to SMPN 1 because of trauma !!! Gggrrr.. Certainly I WON'T !!! 'coz I love to live there with all of my room-mate, my dormitory-mate, my class-mate, all of !!! I was so SAD !!! but SECRETLY my mom transfer my the values of my report card. Then, time by time I pass my 2nd level of my junior high school there after that d*mn disease and came on the grade-raising holiday. I didn't know why my mom brought all my belongings from Ummul to my home. I ask her "mama, kenapa semua barangku dibawa pulang" (mom, why my belongings are brought back home) ??? my mom answered "supaya tidak hilang. siapa tau ada pencuri masuk asramamu!!!" (so as not to lose. who knows a thief entered your dormitory!!!) okkay I strongly agree with mom's reason. I never thought that mom will do that (get me out).
I passed my holiday well. And one day I ask my mom "mama, mau mka kembali (ke Ummul). kenapa belum pka dibelikan perlengkapanku?" (mom, my holiday is almost over. why not buy my goods?). and at that time she told me the truth. she told me that I entered SMPN 1 to continue and to finish my junior high school. And I was crying. I remembered all my friends, all my activities, all of things at Ummul Mukminin. GOD, why do I have to accept this?! Hiiiikksss
I call my friends and tell them the truth. they were so sad too !!! hiks
I never back to that place again because I was sad and shy. why did I have to shy ? 'coz I didn't wearing my headscarf (veil) since I moved. This bcause my mother and my father didn't want me ostracized by my classmates because wearing a headscarf. because at that time, wearing a headscarf for girls my age are still very weird. dunno why. that was their reason and I was too young to understand their reason. huuh..
Finally I finished my junior high school and entered to Athirah Islamic Senior High School to continue my senior high school. And I still don't wear a headscarf. Astagfirullah. After entering college, I had to wear the hijab again. Alhamdulillah. hehee
Okkay !!! so, that's a short story about my life, experience, outpouring of the heart (CURHAT) and some mistakes in my life..

Next, here they are my beloved sisters, my beloved room-mate at FIRST room (my room when I was on 1st level of JHS) and THIRD room (my room when I was on 2nd level of JHS) in Dormitory 2 !!!

(Left to Right) Tilka a.k.a Tile, Fhany a.k.a Fanyo, Ririn a.k.a Inonk, Kurni' a.k.a Unni', Lulu a.k.a Lulu ji jg ^o^v

Youpz, Here we are !!!

Living in boarding schools are very fun and very exciting!

Some facts of living in Ummul Mukminin boarding schools :
1. We eat together, take a pray at Athirah Mosque (name of the Mosque in Ummul Mukminin)
2. Ate with the same menu and same room  
3. Sleeping in a room that was occupied by 12 students  
4. Living in a dormitory with 10 rooms  
5. Dining with ompreng  
6. Always lining up to get the side dishes  
7. Every midnight at the mosque Pray Lail
8. Wearing sandals with each generation uniform color (red color for my class)
9. Every Saturday-Sunday-Monday and every day in Arabic on Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday and a special English-language for free friday anything, including Bahasa Indonesia
10. Should not bring electronic items 
11. Every day except Friday should wear long skirts and long dresses 
12. Watch only on Friday (Thursday night after Isha prayer until Friday night) 
13. Every dawn shouted "After you" or "I'm the 1st" and bla bla bla to line up a shower
14. Once a week for each room to turn clean dormitories 
15. Every Friday morning "Friday net" plus gymnastics together all the residents of boarding schools
16. Should not be out of Boarding schools
17. There are penalties for errors in the Arabic-speaking or English speaking from قسم اللغة
18. There are penalties for violations of rules of  قسم الامن
19. and many else  
    Okkaayy I think that's all..
    I'm gonna sleep. hehee
    keep on visit my blog, dear bloggers !!!
    and keep waiting for my next post, okkaayy..
    see you

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